Tea 0.8.0 is released

Thu Sep 23, 2021 by norwin

We are proud to present the release of tea version 0.8.0, a CLI tool that allows you to work with pull requests, issues and more in your terminal.

You can download prebuilt binaries from dl.gitea.io/tea, for more options look at the README.md.

This release mostly contains bugfixes and changes to consolidate flag names between commands, but also ships a major new feature:

Interaction with Notifications

  • Notifications can now be listed with more fine-grained selection filters than what Gitea’s web UI provides. Want to get all notifications about updated PRs in this repo? Easy!

    tea notifications --repo gitea/tea --types commit

    Need an overview over all pinned notifications across repos?

    tea notifications --mine --states pinned

    Get back on that notification you accidentally marked as read?

    tea notifications --states=read
  • Additionally, there are now actions to mark notifications as (un)read & to (un)pin them. Want to mark all notifications in a single repo as read? Easy!

    tea notifications read --repo gitea/tea


v0.8.0 - 2021-09-22

    • tea notifications --all has moved to tea notifications --mine (#389)
    • tea notifications now only works with the context of a remote repo. (#389) To run this outside of a local git dir, run either tea n --mine or tea n --repo <my/repo>
    • Add notifications subcommands (#389)
    • Add tea pr merge (#348)
    • Don’t skip reading the local repo when --repo specifies a repo slug (#398)
    • Fix adding login without token on private instances (#392)
    • Correctly match login by ssh host with port (#391)
    • Fix printing issue deadline (#388)
    • Return useful error on wrong sshkey path (#374)
    • Fix parsing of --description for issue/pr create (#371)
    • Add missing flags (#369)
    • Check negative limit command parameter (#358) (#359)
    • Add missing flags to org & labels subcommands (#357)
    • Don’t require a body for comment PR reviews (#399)
    • Accept more main branch names for login detection (#396)
    • Make local repo optional for tea pr create(#393)
    • Notifications Add State Field (#384)
    • Improve error messages (#370)
    • Add tab completion for fish shell (#364)
    • Text editor selection: follow unix defacto standards (#356)
    • Enable release builds for darwin/arm64 (#360)
  • MISC
    • Update Dependencies (#390)

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